What we do

•    Would you like to have a bike, trike or classic car that starts first time, every time?
•    How about lights that light up when you need them, not just when they feel like it?
•    Would you like vehicle wiring that's neat and tidy, and more importantly, that will work?


Here at TWS Vehicle Wiring we can offer you a complete range of electrical, electronic and wiring services.


•    Designing and building wiring harnesses
If you have a custom or classic bike, trike or vintage car that needs wiring from scratch, or if the wiring on your machine is just falling to pieces or been hacked around by a previous owner, then we can design and build a whole new harness for you.


•    Whole or part harnesses
If your vehicle electrics need modification, or if a part of the electrics has stopped working, we can also build new sections of harness to slot into your existing system.


•    Original or custom specification
We don't mind whether your vehicle is completely standard, or whether it's got every custom gizmo going. We can design and build an electrical system to suit you and your machine, including to concours standard.


•    Fault diagnosis
There will come a time when electrical gremlins get into the wires, and no amount of searching can seem to find the problem. Here at TWS Vehicle Wiring we are expert at fault finding and diagnosis – even those elusive intermittent faults.


•    Electrical repairs and maintenance
Electrical components break from time to time – everyone knows that. But before you shell out on an expensive replacement, talk to us to see if it can be repaired. And if you'd like us to do a regular health check on your electrics, we'll happily do that for you too.


•   Parts supply
If you need electrical or electronic components for your vehicle, we can supply them. You can pick your spares up from us, or, for a little extra, we can send your goods to you.


•   Pick-up and delivery
We are currently unable to offer this service, but we are hoping to be able to soon.


So if you need a company that specialises in vehicle wiring, built to original or custom specification, along with electrical and electronic repairs and maintenance, you need us.


So whatever your vehicle wiring needs, why not contact us now?

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